Amazon ebook readers: the Amazon ebook reader

eBooks are no longer just for book lovers, they’re now for everyone.

A new app called EbookReader is available on iOS and Android and it’s the brainchild of Australian software company, Kogan.

It’s a little like an ebook reader for ebooks, except you can download, read, store, and share your ebooks from anywhere.

That includes the Apple Watch, Kindle, Kindle Voyage, Nook, Apple TV, and other devices that support the EPUB (electronic personal shopping bag) format.

It also works with Amazon’s own Kindles, which means you can also buy them from the company’s own online store.

Kogan is a subsidiary of the Australian e-book giant, and is selling the Ebook Reader for $9.99 from its website, with $1.99 shipping.

The company is also offering the app for free from Apple’s App Store, but it’s still pretty pricey at $7.99.

It doesn’t come with any DRM, though.

The app has the ability to track your reading habits and save your favorites, so you can get a better feel for what’s good for you.

You can set up the app on your own and use it from the Apple TV’s Home Screen, or from the device’s app store.

The interface is simple and user-friendly.

You simply tap the “Add” button to add an ebook to your book queue, and then the “Open” button for viewing your favorite books.

The apps main function is to read your eBooks from the cloud.

It works by scanning the eBook’s metadata and creating a new queue, which will then be added to your library.

You then can scan the queue to read the book you want to read.

The process takes a few seconds, and it will then show you the next available book in your queue, along with the total amount of eBooks in your library at that moment.

Once you’ve read the entire queue, you can choose to share your reading progress with others by clicking “Share”.

The app also works on Amazon’s Kindle eReaders.

The Amazon eReader is also compatible with the iPad and iPhone, and allows you to browse, search, and download books from Amazon’s online store, but this service has been limited to certain categories.

There are no plans to add more eReads to the Apple or Android platforms, although Kogan has mentioned plans for an update for Apple’s iOS in the future.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is the end of the journey for the eRead.