When the dust settles: How books changed the world

When the book is still fresh, it still holds a great deal of power.

With so much power in the book, the next time you are asked a question or a question to do with the world, ask the book.

As a reader, it can be difficult to remember that book’s influence.

You may be surprised to learn that the books that are the most influential in the history of our species are books that were written more than two thousand years ago.

How can you learn more about this fascinating topic?

We’ll discuss books that shaped the way we live today and why, and then we’ll look at what it is that books do to shape our lives today.

This is the second of two books on the influence of books on our lives.

The first book, How Books Changed the World, looks at the impact of the Bible in shaping the world.

Learn more about the book in this article on the history, impact and significance of the bible.

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