Why it’s not good to say ‘Trump is going to hell’ – the experts

The New York Times on Sunday asked four experts to weigh in on whether it’s a good idea to say Donald Trump is going “to hell” when he makes statements that contradict his own positions.

The four experts, whose names have not been disclosed, include former U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), former Attorney General John Ashcroft (R-MA), and former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (R).

They wrote in a blog post that “the best way to respond to statements like this is to ask them directly: Is there any factual basis to the statements you are making?”

In other words, they asked, if Trump is saying something that is clearly false, what should we do?

The Times said that the four experts agree that Trump’s statements could cause harm to the country.

But they argued that the best way for the U.N. to respond is to have a bipartisan investigation, rather than to say nothing.

The Times noted that “Mr. Trump has been criticized for his repeated assertions that the world is on the verge of total war.”

But experts disagree, saying that Trump is simply repeating what he knows.

They also note that the president is not saying that the U