How to make a book cover without the cover art

In the era of Amazon and Google Books, a cover that could be seen in any bookstore could be worth a fortune, depending on how you viewed it.

That’s where the capone e books creator comes in.

Capone, who is based in New York, has been creating e-book covers since 2007.

He’s the creator of a slew of books that cover topics like the Internet, the war on drugs and technology.

He said he uses a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator to create his covers.

He says the process is simple: He starts with the design of a cover and then adds elements, such as typography, text and graphics, to the final design.

“The best way to tell a story is by the way it looks,” Capone said.

“You need to make it clear how you want the book to look.

You don’t want to make the cover just look like a photo or a book.

I want it to be interesting and fun to read.”

He also likes to use images from popular movies to tell stories.

For example, his book on “The Hobbit” has a large photo of Peter Jackson’s Hobbiton Castle and other iconic scenes, along with images from the movie, as a jumping off point.

“When you make a cover, you want to give a strong sense of direction to the story,” Capones book on the history of the film tells.

“That’s what makes the book a success.

You have to create an engaging story.”