ICAC hears $1.2m payout from book publishers for sale

The Australian book industry is being told it will receive a payout of up to $1 million if it fails to pay a court order for its sale of a new book, the government has announced.

Key points:Book publisher ICA says the sale of the book, which has not been made public, violates the Australian book code of conductThe books was sold for $1,900 in July, but has since been sold for about $2,000The sale of book has now been stopped and a court injunction has been issuedThe Government is expected to make a statement to the Senate about the case later today.ICA managing director Brian Hill said in a statement that ICAC would not accept a sale of ICA’s book, called “The Last Resort”, for more than $1m in violation of the Australian Book Code of Conduct.

“This sale contravenes ICAC’s Code of Ethics and contravened the Australian Consumer Law,” he said.”ICAC will not accept such a sale and will seek to obtain a court declaration that ICA is in breach of that Code.”ICAC is investigating ICA over the sale, which is set to end today.

The ABC has contacted ICAC for comment.ICAC has been in court in Canberra since July to resolve a case involving the sale and subsequent removal of a book, “The Great Beauty”.ICAC alleges ICAC was illegally removed from its bookshop, and the book’s publisher, ICA, is to pay ICAC the amount of the sale.

In October, ICAC obtained an injunction requiring ICA to sell its book for $2.50, but it has now ceased to sell the book.

The book has since become available on Amazon for about the same price as before the injunction, although ICA has not made a profit from it.ICCA said it had not been paid any of the money.

“The sale is in the hands of ICAC, and ICAC has not yet received any money,” it said.

“We are still in the process of seeking an injunction from the Federal Court.”ICA has argued that the injunction has allowed ICAC to continue to sell books, and that ICMA’s case against ICA should be dismissed.

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