The Trump Administration Is Not Allowing Taxpayers to Buy eBooks

By Matt SperlingNovember 4, 2019The Trump administration is letting taxpayers buy ebooks and other digital media in a move that could create a new form of media for American consumers that can compete with traditional print media.

The move is likely to be popular with consumers, who have struggled to access a wide range of media, from TV to movies and games.

But it has raised concerns about whether taxpayers will be able to get their money’s worth.

The White House released an outline of its plan to let taxpayers buy digital books and ebooks in September.

The plan would allow taxpayers to buy up to $1,000 worth of ebooks at a time, with $500 going to the federal government.

The government said it would take a 10 percent fee for the digital books.

The books would then be returned to taxpayers.

A new form, the Digital Book Purchases Account, will allow taxpayers with an e-reader to pay for the cost of buying a digital book.

The account is meant to let people pay for digital books using credit cards and PayPal, rather than using debit cards or cash.

The Trump plan is not the only change that could affect how Americans purchase digital media, which is now more than a billion books sold annually.

The Obama administration also created the Digital Media Purchases Fund, a new federal program that allows people to purchase books digitally.

The Fund is supposed to be available to consumers, but the Trump administration said the fund would not be available for consumers to use for purchases of digital media.