New e-books are the new Kindle for books: Barnes & Noble

A new e-book reader and e-reader for books is set to launch in the U.S. next week, marking a major milestone for the company that’s been selling a digital version of its flagship e-readers to bookstores.

The Kindle e-reading platform is the brainchild of Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos, who was able to build the $200 billion online retailer from scratch after he bought the company from his father, founder Jeff Bezos.

Amazon has been struggling to sell its books because it has struggled to make them more attractive to consumers and because of a lack of new books to read.

Amazon announced the launch of the Kindle eReader in June, offering a more affordable, faster and easier-to-use digital version.

The company is launching a Kindle book-reading app called Kindle Stories on April 22.

The new ereader and the Kindle Book Store, which will sell a limited number of e-edition titles, will come with a variety of features including a smart cover that can automatically turn on or off the lights and a cloud-based file storage system that can store up to 200 e-reads.

The new Kindle book store will be available at $29.99.

Amazon says it will also offer a variety and variety of books from popular authors including Anne Rice and Salman Rushdie, along with more obscure titles.

Amazon’s e-store, Kindle Bookstore, has sold over 5 million e-waste products, according to the company.