How a book is published in Arabic

The process of publishing a book in Arabic, which has traditionally been done through an official Arabic publisher, has moved to an online platform.

The move comes after Al Jazeera’s Middle East Editor, Zaid al-Obeidi, published a book about the struggle against ISIS in his native Arabic last year.

Al Jazeera had previously published the book in English, but the move to a platform in Arabic has raised concerns about security.

Al Jazeera published the first Arabic edition of Al Jazeera English in 2012.

The publication of a book online has been a long-time goal of the Arabic edition, said al-Bakri, who is currently based in Istanbul.

The decision to open up the process to all was taken after months of talks between Al Jazeera and publishers, and was announced in a press release.

Al-Obidi told the AFP news agency he hoped that publishing in Arabic would create a more transparent and transparent process for all publishers.

“Publishers are looking at the book as if it is their book, which is not the case,” he said.

“This will create a better environment for them to have their books published and for all the publishers to work together.”

Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera News Network have published some 500,000 books in Arabic so far.

The platform has also published more than 300,000 articles in Arabic since 2010.

The decision comes after the US State Department published an official list of Arabic-language publishers and warned of the threat of terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda in publishing books in the region.

Al Jazeera said in a statement that the publishing process had been “under intense scrutiny” by the US government and the publishers, who said they were working to make sure that the online publishing process was as transparent and secure as possible.

The company also said the new process would allow the “unrestricted distribution of Al-Jazeera English in the Arabic language market”.

The US State Dept. said the online publication process was a critical step towards achieving “the goals of a free, independent and open society in the Middle East, including the promotion of democracy and human rights”.

The decision also comes just weeks after the publication of an Al Jazeera Arabic edition in Arabic.

The online publication is available in more than 150 languages, but it has struggled to reach a wider audience since it launched.