How to write an e-book for Rs 50,000

You might be wondering what it would take to write a book for Rs 100,000.

You can expect a lot of hard work and hard graft.

A lot of people want to get their book published.

If they can’t do that, how can they expect to get a book published?

That is a difficult question, because the answer is quite different for different authors. 

The author’s journey and the book’s progress are closely linked.

The writer is the one who is trying to make their book popular.

The publisher is the person who is going to take a chance on the book and publish it.

The author and the publisher have to work together to find the best way to do that.

If one can’t, they have to write for free. 

How to write e-books for Rs. 50,001 and beyond: How do you get your book published ? 

Here are the steps a bookseller can take to get it published.1.

Choose the right title and contentThe book’s title should be a headline of sorts.

Make it stand out, but don’t put any unnecessary words on the page.

For example, you can’t just say “Book of the Month” in the title, because people might not read that. 

In the book you want to be descriptive. 

This can be written as “A story of love, love, and a love for the world”. 

“A love for the world” is a good headline.

You want to convey the essence of the book. 

“Love” is another good headline for a book.

If you want the book to be more of a collection of stories, you could use “love of the world” or “love in a strange way”. 

It’s also good to make it stand apart from other books.

“Love of the city” is also a good one.

You don’t want to use words like “love” or even “love story”. 

If you want your book to make an impact, you have to give it some depth.

You need to tell the story from multiple angles. 


Write a story of passion and passion for your subject(s)The story you write needs to be about your subject(es).

It needs to show the author’s passion for the subject, not just the subject’s passion.

For instance, you might have a story about a girl who loves to cook. 

If your subject is someone with a passion for art, the story will be about the author. 

However, if your subject has a passion in sports, the writer should write about her passion. 


Write about your favorite subject(ies)You have to tell a story that is really special for your subject. 

For example, if you write about the journey of a person who travels to India every year for the festival of Durga Puja, you will have to describe the year, its events, its people, the people who are there, and its people who don’t have that love of the festival. 

You also have to explain why it’s special. 


Write in detail the story you wroteThe writer must write down all the details of the story he/she wrote. 

There should be no unnecessary details in the book, or it will be hard to read. 


Create an engaging cover story The cover story should be engaging and entertaining.

If the cover is not engaging, people will not like it.

It should be interesting and interesting. 


Write and edit your bookThe first step to writing an ebook for sale is to write your book.

Then you need to write the book itself. 

To write an eBook, you write a simple paragraph.

It says, “Here is my story.” 

The first sentence of your paragraph should be, “Here is a story written by me about a person I love”. 

Write a few more sentences that describe your love for your book, your passion for your topic, and the people and events you are talking about. 

When you write these words, the reader can’t read the entire book.

But if they do, the book will be more attractive. 


Get the manuscript publishedThe manuscript is the final word. 

Write your manuscript and make sure it is a perfect manuscript.

Write it to be short, understandable, and complete. 


Publish it in a few languagesYou need to publish your book in a couple of different languages.

It is best if you publish it in English. 


Promote the book You can promote your book by using the “Share My Story” feature on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. 


Write more about your book If a publisher or editor thinks your book is good, you should write more about it. 


Show it off to your friends and family If someone reads your book and likes it, it should be shared