Which MLB player is your favorite in MLB right now?

The Associated Press • Aug 14, 2018 12:21:26 AUGUSTA, Ga.

— This isn’t an opinion column, so I don’t need to get up to give it to you.

It’s time to get back to talking about who the best MLB player right now is.

We’re in August, and the baseball season is almost over, but we’re still waiting for some sort of conclusion to the MLB season, and this list will probably have to wait until the new year.

For now, I’m going to go with two players, as the best player right here is none other than Aaron Judge.

I don, however, have a lot of respect for Judge.

The Braves outfielder has a very, very, good chance of winning a Cy Young Award, but he is also just not a good hitter.

Judge is one of those players who is good at both things, hitting, and hitting for power, but that doesn’t make him the best hitter in baseball.

That would be Bryce Harper, who hit a career-high .306 with 22 homers and 70 RBIs in 2016, and who won the MVP in 2016.

There are many, many good hitters in baseball, but the most important factor is the ability to hit for power.

Judge, as a whole, is very good at hitting for average, and he’s good at getting on base.

His power has been one of the best aspects of his game, but Judge also does not walk a lot, which is good for the Mets.

Judge has always been a power hitter, but this year, he is doing it more consistently.

I like him more for what he’s doing right now than what he was doing a few years ago, when he was just a good, solid hitter.

It also helps that he is coming off of a big season with the Braves.

Judge had a career high .326 average in 2017, with 17 homers and 68 RBIs, and was just one of four Braves with at least 70 RBI.

Judge’s power numbers in 2018 were down slightly, but they were still solid, and they were even better than he was in 2017.

Judge led the NL with 31 homers and 98 RBIs.

He had a strong season in 2018 with an average of .296 with 14 homers and 49 RBIs to go along with a career best 22 stolen bases.

Judge also had a great year in 2019 with a .306 average and 23 homers and 59 RBIs with an .817 OPS.

Judge still has a long way to go before he becomes a Hall of Famer, but I’m really looking forward to seeing him win a Cy Award this year.

Judge doesn’t have the greatest track record of winning the MVP, but when he does, he will be an absolute steal for a team.

His bat has improved quite a bit this year in terms of power and speed, and his defense is improving as well.

Judge will be a great fit for the Brewers and Giants, who are trying to win a World Series together.

His speed and power are very appealing, and I think he’ll be an excellent fit for Milwaukee.

He will also be a good fit for any team that needs power and a fast player.

The best way to judge whether a player is worth owning is to go back to the draft, and Judge would be a nice addition for any NL team.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy him at a high price at the start of the season, but if you want power and good defense, he could easily be the first pick.

You can’t have both, though.

If you’re a fan of Judge, you’ll have to sit tight for a few more years before he’s a Hall-of-Famer.

He’s definitely not going to be in a Hall Hall of Fame.

But if you’re looking for a player with the power and athleticism to hit 30 homers and a .300 batting average, Judge is probably a good value.