When a book gets a new name, is that a good thing?

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The NBA will announce a new title for its weekly magazines, and its most popular, The Ringer, will get a new year-end title.

The magazine’s biggest draw is its columnists, who have a range of opinions on the NBA.

They have an insider perspective, but they also get to write their own columns.

In the first week of 2018, they got to write an article about Carmelo Anthony, a player who is expected to be traded in the near future. 

“We will see if he is the next LeBron James, and we will see what that is going to be like,” said Ringer columnist Mike Wise, who covers the Warriors.

“What if he’s a bust?

We will see.

What if he does well and we think he is a great player?

What if you don’t like his personality, how can you say that about him?” 

“The Ringer” was a top 10 show on television when it was launched in the fall of 2010.

In addition to the weekly column, the show will also air a daily podcast called “The Riveter” that is hosted by NBA Insider Kevin Pelton.

The podcast will feature the views of some of the top basketball writers in the world.

The show will be available on Apple and Android devices.