How to make your hockey team’s uniforms look like yours

The NHL’s uniform overhaul will bring many familiar looks to players, coaches and even their families.

The league says it’s adding two new stripes and three new designs to the back of jerseys.

The most obvious changes include the removal of the “NHL” from the bottom right corner, the removal “B” from “Battleship” and the “M” from an old design.

The league says the new design will be the “most widely adopted by players, teams and fans, and will be seen across all jerseys in every game.”

The new design, which will replace the original “N” in the back, is part of a broader effort to improve player uniforms.

It includes the redesign of the logo, the addition of a new jersey sleeve logo and the addition the number 14 on the front of jerseys with the letter “T.”

“The goal of the redesign is to create uniformity for all players, players, fans and their families,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said.

“The redesign is meant to be an inclusive approach, and it will help make our game more fun and accessible to everyone.

The new logo will feature a different color for each team and will also feature a bold new logo to help distinguish the league.”

The NHL also added a new logo for players that will be unveiled in late June.

It features a blue, white and blue-and-white logo with a red circle and white lettering, similar to the one worn on jerseys worn by players during the Stanley Cup Final.

The new designs are expected to be officially unveiled at the league’s annual Board of Governors meeting in late July.