Ebook: New ebook hits stores, books in 2019

New ebook: New ebooks hit shelves, books for 2019.

In 2019, the books industry is expected to hit $2.8 billion in sales, according to the Nook e-reader company.

Nook Ebook has been the leader in the e-book market since 2011, and now it’s the leading e-books retailer for both ebooks and books.

The Nook company is the third-largest ebook seller after Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with $2 billion in total revenue for 2019, according a CNBC article.

The top-selling e-textbook is Nook.

Nooks ebooks have become so popular that Apple introduced a new e-ink device, the iPad Air, that has the same design as the Nooks and is similar in features and price.

The iPad Air has a touch screen and a stylus, so you can draw on it to make notes and draw with it.

Apple is also rolling out a new iPad Pro with Retina display that is supposed to be faster and more powerful than the iPad Mini.

The new iPad is set to be released on April 5, 2019.

The other two top-sellers in the ebook market are Apple and Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest seller of ebooks, with about $2 trillion in total e-commerce revenue, according an analysis by e-trading service Cowen & Co. The company has been shipping ebooks to stores for about five years.

Apple, meanwhile, is the second-largest seller of digital books, with around $1.3 trillion in e-store sales.

Apple sells about 20 million ebooks a year, according the company.