How to book tickets for a dinner with a friend via email

Fox Sports has been working to make bookings via email more seamless, making it possible for people to book their seats in a public venue and have them delivered in person.

Bookings for parties, weddings, receptions, events, and more can now be made via email, a move that lets guests book their table and place their order online.

Booking via email will be available for a limited time, and those who already book via email can use their existing email address.

In addition, the company says people who are new to the app can sign up for an invite to their inbox.

Bookers can set up their own email address for booking purposes, as well as creating a new one.

Booker’s first step is to choose your preferred option from a list of options, and then click “Create.”

You can also use the app to book a reservation for a restaurant or bar, or a venue.

You can select a date, time, or venue.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address, and when you’re ready to book, the app will send an email with your confirmation email.

You’ll be able to view the booking for a specific event, or just pick the date, the venue, and the person you’d like to book with.