A new e-book reader from Amazon: The Myth Book

Amazon (AMZN) is set to launch a new ebook reader that will let users create and edit ebooks from the Kindle store.

The new app is the latest move from Amazon as it attempts to bring its e-reader to the masses.

The company will offer the Kindle Paperwhite, a larger, faster, and more powerful e-readers to the public.

Amazon’s Kindle Paperbook will have a “more powerful, full-featured reading experience” than its predecessor, the Kindle Fire HDX, and will “offer more options for content creation,” according to a blog post.

The Kindle Paperbloom will also have a higher resolution and will offer more screen real estate for “larger screens,” as well as support for “all major tablet devices.”

Amazon is not releasing a pricing or launch date for the new Kindle Paperstore, but a blog update said the “book creation and editing tools” will be available “soon.”