What e-book readers want to know about the new E-Book Industry

ebooks are a new technology.

They are the future of reading.

And they’re about to be a lot bigger than you think.

In this video interview, we talk to the creators and editors of ebooks, the book industry and what it means to be an ereader.

We discuss how ebooks can be used for social, political and economic change, the role of the publishing industry and the impact of e-books on readership.

We also ask readers to share their ideas and stories about their experiences with ebooks.

Read MoreHow do ebooks change the way we read?

What will they mean for books?

What’s at stake for authors?

Join the conversation with the authors of the new book: A New Approach to Ebooks: What ebooks will change and how do we get there?

You can learn more about the ebooks industry and how you can get involved by visiting the industry website, the e-Book Marketing Association.

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