What to read in this week’s books

A look at the top titles on sale in the US this week, including a new book from the acclaimed American author of The Book of Mormon and a debut by American novelist Anne McCaffrey.

US Booksellers Association sales figures from March 2, 2017.

US booksellers association sales figures show a surge in sales of titles by American authors this week.

The surge in the sales of new and independent titles is likely due to an increase in interest in the works of authors like Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham, as well as the success of new novel titles like The Book Thief by Sarah Waters and The Blacklist by Sarah Chlumsky.

US author Anne McCafrey is on a US tour.

US novel Anne McCaffe, who has a New York Times bestseller, has a new novel due out this year, but will be touring the US in the coming months to promote it.

US novelist Sarah Waters will also be touring in the next few weeks.

American author Sarah Chlorumsky is one of the most successful and bestselling American authors in the world.

US bestselling author Anne McConaughey is in London, writing a new American novel.

US best-selling author Sarah Waters has a novel due in 2018. 

US bookseller Association of Bookselleries and Bookseller’s Associations (BBA) statistics show that US bookstores saw a 17.8% increase in sales this week to $1.1 trillion, up 8.6% from a year ago. 

Sales of nonfiction books, including books from major publishers and indie bookstores, rose by 11.4% from $9.3 billion to $9,898 million. 

BBA sales figures for the first half of 2017 show a jump in book sales from $6.6 billion to a record $7.3 trillion. 

The BBA figures show that more than 1.4 million more people were visiting US bookshops this year than in 2016. 

American author Sarah Mckenna is touring Europe this week with a book that was co-written with the American novelist Sarah Wood.

American novelist and screenwriter Sarah Waters is on the UK tour with her debut novel The Black List.

American novel Anne Mcconaughey, who co-wrote The Book Of Mormon with Joseph Smith, is on tour with another American author, American novelist, and screenwriters Anne McCackey and Sarah Waters. 

New York Times bestselling author Sarah Wood is touring Australia this week and has a book due out next year. 

Australian author Sarah Water is on stage in London to promote her new novel The Book Thieves. 

Canadian novelist Sarah Water has a second novel coming out in 2019. 

Irish author Anne McLaughlin is touring the UK this week on a book tour for her debut American novel, The Book That Made You Say Goodbye. 

Indian author Anne McGowan has a collection of short stories coming out this spring. 

Korea author Anne Luce is on an international tour. 

Spanish writer Anne de Vries is in Paris this week for a book-signing tour.